lets drink wine, and forget who we were.

  • Her:Remember when you gave a shit what you looked life Stephanie?
  • Me:Remember when I cared about nothing other than how I looked and was a descructive walking ego trying to impress my peers around me in hopes of getting a really cute girl who was just as self conscious as I was just to impress my not-so-caring peers into thinking I was a great enough person to have this great girlfriend when really my soul was lacking and nothing was happening in my head other than, "Do I look alright? They are judging me. I wish I could change my outfit.". Yeah, I reamember the days of not being self confident, not believing I am a strong independent woman and succombing to the world around me in order to "fit in". Fuck your peer pressure, fuck getting "laid", fuck your bras and god dammit, I'm not going to start using chemical washes on my body. When you can accept me as I am and not make me feel like shit for going to the bar in jeans and a tank top with no bra, we can go out. Remember the days of creativity and feeding off each others energies? Remember when you gave a shit how the Earth was feeling?
  • Just saying. Don't pull that on me.

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